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About the Hotel Association

The hotel association unifies and represents hotels in Netanya. The association is an organization that aims to promote, develop and extend tourism in Netanya and to assist in raising the professional level of hotels in the city. It represents the hotels in institutes and organizations in Israel and abroad and in front of governmental agencies and local authorities.

The association actively protects the legal interest of its members, between them and other institutions, and influences and acts for the rights of those in the hotel business, their promotion and welfare.

The association includes 17 hotels in Netanya and its activities are performed as part of its elected institutions that include the association council, the management and the presidency.

The presidency of the association is actively working to achieve the goals set by the association’s institutions through the general manager and the professional team.

The association holds a variety of functions to promote the hotel business through professional departments and elected committees in the following fields:

  • the financial department updates and guides the members about new economic laws in the field and in general, and assists in processes relating to taxes, customs, credit, etc.
  • offering financial advice on the subject of available government assistance to hotels in Netanya.
  • resolving issues relating to working relationships, giving ongoing counseling in the field of work relationship, laws and regulations, referring professionals to the field of hotel business.
  • training and professional education, initiating, organizing and supporting institutions for professional training based on areas, improving and professionally promoting the workers of hotels.
  • Academically promoting hotels in Netanya while coating relationships with academic institution in order to train academicians for the hotel business.
  • promoting activities for tourism in Netanya, among others: representation in international conventions, advertising and marketing to encourage internal tourism and tourism from abroad, keeping commercial relationship with the bureau of tourist agents and opening new channels for incoming tourism.

The hotel association in Netanya is constantly active to keep the level of hotel services in town for the pleasure of tourists from Israel and from abroad. The satisfaction of the tourists is the measuring stone that will position Netanya as a tourist destination, and it is the factor that will increase the number of tourists and stay overs.

The hotel association in Netanya is working to improve the standards of hotels and create the most satisfied tourists.

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