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Attractions in Netanya

City Tours

Netanya has four and a half kilometers of promenade. The promenades lay on cliffs, at the end of the main street, overlooking the Mediterranean. Here you’ll find lovely corners, sea views, restaurants and playground facilities. During summer months events take place in the open at the amphitheater overlooking the sea. This trail takes you walking along cliffs and view points on the promenades. The tour starts north to south, but you can do it the other way around too.

Our tour begins at Shaked Promenade, along Niza Boulevard. We walk along the boulevard and pass Onot hotel, go under the viewpoint bridge and continue to Art Square, in the center of which

is the city gallery, a special building where famous artists hold showings, and some private galleries and a viewpoint bridge.

After a short artistic break we continue with the sea on our right, stop by the “Two Girls” statue, where we’ll find a playground and rollerblade park. Not far from there is the amphitheater where it is pleasant to sit and watch the sea.

At this part of the promenade you’ll find two restaurants, one with a pagoda roof and windows overlooking Herzel Beach and the other one is surrounded by a water pool. (This part is along David Hameleh St.) We leave this promenade and tour the statue avenues with the obelisk in memorial of Netanya residents who died in the wars.

We now enter Harishonim Promenade (parallel to Gad Mahnas St.) with its nine coverings in different styles, a great architectural experience. You can have a short break in one of the coffee houses along the promenade, to enjoy the green gardens and the blue sea and its breeze.

At sunset your view will be colored with red and orange. At the end of the promenade is a small playground. You go down to the beach by the new sea elevator. From this point you can continue on foot along Baruh Ram St., go past the Flower Square and Carmel Hotel up to the Mazok Promenade. Or you can take a ride to Carmel Hotel and park there.

The Mazok Promenade is unique along Ben Ami Boulevard, with its sea viewpoints, its isolated sitting corners, a playground and gravel cliffs and a site for gliding, with dozens of glides color the sky and beaches (you can glide with a guide.) One word of advice – you can tour by foot or with a car, if you have more than one vehicle you can park one vehicle at the beginning of the tour and the other one at it’s end.
In the summer, at the end of the tour, you can go down to the beach, whereyou’ll find the marine sports center, sports courts, coffee houses and restaurants and charming beaches.In the winter, you aught to visit the Iris Reservation, the Winter Pond (Ben Guryon Boulevard) and Poleg Reservation.

The Iris Reservation and Environs

We begin at the gardens at the gravel cliffs along the beach overlooking the open sea. We continue to the Iris Reservation in the south, where you’ll find a large concentration of Purple Iris (blooming in February and March.) Across the road is a winter puddle surrounded by eucalyptus trees, where lots of water foul stay during the winter. The Winter Puddle Park is made entirely of wood and includes fun and sports facilities for children.

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